Mercy Minutes #40

pastoral-letterFrom Section V: A Year of Mercy

As we in the diocese make our pilgrimage through the Jubilee Year of Mercy, let us take to heart the Holy Father’s reminder that “The Church is called above all to be a credible witness to mercy, professing it and living it as the core of the revelation of Jesus Christ” [MV,25]. Each of us, as baptized members of the Body of Christ are commissioned to be agents of God’s mercy, to be ministers of the sacrament of mercy that is the Church in all areas of our lives. Our works of mercy give credibility to the Church’s proclamation of the mercy of God. It is in and through each of us that this mercy lives in the world. Our practice of mercy is an opportunity for us as the Diocese of Saint Cloud to grow more fully into the Body of Christ. It is the most fertile ground for the New Evangelization because in the Works of Mercy we tangibly and powerfully communicate the good news of Jesus Christ to the world.
I join Pope Francis in his confident hope that the Church of the Diocese of Saint Cloud, with the whole Catholic Church, “will be able to find in this Jubilee the joy of rediscovering and rendering fruitful God’s mercy with which we are all called to give comfort to every man and every woman of our time.” (12)May this Jubilee Year of Mercy be for all of us in the diocese an occasion for experiencing more deeply the bountiful mercy of God in our lives and of participating more fully in that mercy by showing it to all we meet.​