Mercy Minutes #43 (Holy Week series)

St. Cloud Mission Office director, Elizabeth Neville, reflects on mercy and prayer. 

praying-hands“O give thanks unto the Lord; for He is good: for His mercy endureth forever.” Psalm 136:1

According to Webster’s dictionary the definition for MERCY is: ‘the showing of compassion, a kind or forgiving treatment by someone when punishment and justice demands’. For me, mercy means to show forgiveness, to bring peace and to share love; God’s abundant and unconditional love. Mercy brings dignity and humanness to us and to those that we encounter. Mercy is not about asking God for something. It is putting oneself into the hands of God and listening to His voice deep within our own hearts, opening our hearts to both stranger and neighbor.

Daily I pray:

Lord, help me to see with eyes of mercy and not judge first appearances but instead see beauty both inside and out.

Lord, help me to hear with ears of mercy and be attentive to pain and suffering rather than turn away, too busy to listen.

Lord, help me to speak with the voice of mercy so that I uplift and praise rather than scorn or break down.

Lord, help to fill my hands with good deeds, strengthening my own faith while lightening the load others carry.

Lord, help me to walk with feet of mercy, so that I journey together with all in spite of my own tiredness.

Lord, fill my heart with mercy, so that the abundant love and grace that you have given to me will overflow into the lives of all that I meet.